In the snowiest area of Japan the snow, sky, earth, mountains, rivers, and people, have been nurturing life gradually over time.

Take a moment among the relaxing snows and taste the essence of the land.

Welcome to a ryokan where you can experience Snow Country throughout the four seasons.

Pre-opening on Thursday July 11 2019 Grand Opening on Monday October 7th



An hour and a half away from Tokyo by bullet train,

then a thirty minutes shuttle bus ride from Hatago Isen,

just outside Echigo-Yuzawa Station.

n Minami Uonuma City in Niigata Prefecture,

an area that produces the famous Uonuma Koshihikari rice,

stands ryugon surrounded by mountains and idyllic rural landscapes.


Experience Snow Country throughout the changing seasons.

ryugon has undergone a renewal and this old farmhouse is the ideal base from which to explore the culture of the Snow Country Region throughout the four seasons.


One of the standout points of the extensively renovated public area is the open hearth. By this new style hearth is a bar and outdoor lounge where you can while away your time. Enjoy Niigata’s famous sakes, craft beers, or original cocktails as your gaze wanders across the elegant gardens and up the slopes of Mount Sakado. The delicious ground water from snowmelt is also used to make tea, coffee, and other drinks for you to savor.


You can watch the preparations for the evening meal on site using traditional cooking methods, local ingredients being charcoal-grilled, or seasonal produce being pickled or preserved. There are also local food workshops that you can join covering gastronomic experiences such as mountain plants harvesting or mushroom picking.


The old tea house within the gardens has been transformed into the beauty and healing space, Zen Spa. Leave your body and mind in the capable hands of a professional and enjoy some deep relaxation time.

A Culture Heritage Property

The reception is located in a protrusion from the main building. This style of architecture is often seen in areas of heavy snow as it allows easy access even in the winter. This is a registered cultural heritage asset and brings back memories of the old farmhouse. When guest first arrive they are welcomed in this part of living Snow Country culture.


Dinner is carefully crafted Snow Country gastronomy using ingredients that have been enjoyed in the region for generations. This folk culture and traditional cuisine has been passed down through the ages.

With its links to a Zen temple there is the option of a vegetarian menu for dinner, or you can add charcoal-grilled local fish and meat for the full course menu. The charcoal-grilled skewers at Ryugon have always been popular so a grilling hearth has been added to the center of the restaurant. At dinner time the chef will grill and serve seasonal produce from there. Enjoy a glass of locally produced sake or wine to accompany your meal.

The morning banquet is accompanied by freshly cooked Uonoma Koshihikari rice, one of Niigata Prefectures most famous produce.


There are two main room types.

The luxury detached VILLA SUITE.

The CLASSIC with ryugon’s traditional style.

Both types allow you to experience Snow Country living.


A dreamlike stay in a luxury suite

“The VILLA SUITE is a spacious getaway befitting the lord of the manor where you can enjoy complete privacy and relaxation. Calming views across the gardens, the use of natural wood and soft finishes, and the overall concept of Japanese architecture of the connection with the landscape are all incorporated. The furniture that is part of the Snow Country experience has been handmade by local craftsmen. Put the needle on your favorite record, and enjoy the scent of freshly ground coffee. We guarantee you first class relaxation.

[Size 55㎡〜92㎡]

Outdoor hot spring bath

Each room has an outdoor hot spring bath on the terrace overlooking the garden. Luxuriate in the onsen waters as you enjoy the views - the flowers in spring, the stars in summer, the moon in fall, and the snows in winter.


The Hakkai-san Brewery who use the snowmelt waters from Mount Hakkai to craft sake also have a skin care series called「cotte」and the suites have their shampoo, conditioner, body soap, cleansing foam, and face gel.

With butler service.


A special stay immersed in Snow Country life and culture

These are traditional Japanese style rooms that have retained their classic style of life in Snow Country throughout the ages. Stretch out after your bath or sit around and chat. This kind of relaxation can only be enjoyed on a tatami floor. The rooms are all about simplicity with gentle lighting and no television, which allows for peaceful relaxation. Calligraphy sets for transcribing sutras can be borrowed from reception.

These guest rooms are connected to the public areas where you can experience cultural activities from the Snow Country Region, or spend time in the bar and lounge. Perfect too for solo travellers.

[Size 31㎡〜42㎡]


This is a farmhouse belonging to a local landowner dating back to the Bunka and Bunsei eras (1804-1829) that was moved to its current location. There are rooms with large intricately jointed beams or mosaic woodwork, where the skill of the craftsmen can be clearly seen.


This region is home to Snow Country culture which has come about from living alongside the heavy winter snows and traces its roots back to the Jomon era people who were living here around 8000 years ago. Ryugon is an old building and a cultural asset, and now as ryugon we will try to preserve this heritage for the future.

Life in a heavy snow region starts with gratitude for the blessing brought by the snowfall. Our aims is to be an accommodation that fosters the sensibilities of the travellers and the culture of this region, and to spread the value of Snow Country culture around the world.


We preserve the Snow Country culture of this region that has been passed down through the ages such as the food, activities, and architecture.


We have installed a cooling system for the summer months that uses well water to reduce our impact on the environment.

We will work to restore the natural environment of Mount Sakado that is a designated national cultural property.


We will provide the versatility and multifunctionality to cater to diverse needs.


ryugon (Formerly Onsen Oyado Ryugon)

Sakado, 1-6, Minami Uonuma-shi, Nigata 979-6611

TEL / 025-772-3470

FAX / 025-772-2124

Alight at Echigo-Yuzawa Station if using the Joetsu Shinkansen

or 20 minutes walk/6 minutes by taxi from Joetsu Line JR Muikamachi Station East Exit

Shuttle buses from 「HATAGO井仙」opposite Echigo-Yuzawa Station*Reservations required

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Sakado, 1-6, Minami Uonuma-shi, Nigata 979-6611

TEL +81(0)25-772-3470FAX +81(0)25-772-2124

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