Party & Banquet

Meeting Rooms

ryugon is able to meet a variety of needs with small groups being able to use the multi-purpose room or rent an entire small folk residence, or larger groups able to take over the whole of the Annontei annex. Please let us know your requirements for meetings, seminars, or company functions and we can work out the best options.

The multipurpose room

The multipurpose room, situated in the corridor connecting to the VILLA building, is equipped with a conference system monitor. Visitors have the flexibility to utilize this space for activities like yoga, meditation, or as a workspace, allowing them to immerse themselves in the natural splendor of Sakado Mountain. Moreover, the second-floor loft boasts a meeting table for 10 individuals, providing an ideal setting for hosting meetings and discussions.


Morning (8:00-12:00)1¥0,000 yen
Afternoon (13:00-17:00)15,000 yen
Evening (18:00-22:00)20,000 yen
Morning & Afternoon (8:00-17:00)20,000 yen
Afternoon & Evening (13:00-22:00)30,000 yen
Full Day (8:00-22:00)35,000 yen

Bettei Annontei

This is an old folk house that has been rebuilt on this site which was orginally built in Noda in Muikamachi in 1835. The whole facility can be used for meetings or private functions, or other types of events depeding on your requirements. It is a traditional building with a matching atmosphere which feels a little like going back in time to a Snow Country of a previous era. It can be used in a variety of ways so is a great place for a special banquet or to have a personal chef preparing dishes in front on the guests. As the whole places is yours it is an ideal location for a unique customised travel experience. Please contact us for further information.


Morning (8:00-12:00)15,000 yen
Afternoon (13:00-17:00)25,000 yen
Evening (18:00-22:00)35,000 yen
Morning & Afternoon (8:00-17:00)35,000 yen [Usually 40,000 yen]
Afternoon & Evening (13:00-22:00)50,000 yen [Usually 60,000 yen]
Full Day (8:00-22:00)60,000 yen [Usually 75,000 yen]
Available Discounts
For those having a Meal Plan at ryugon the is a discount price depending on the number of people
5-8 pax 17,500 yen
9-12 pax 8,750 yen
13-16 pax 3,500 yen
17 pax or more Free of charge

Available space



We are happy to discuss your requirements for banquets, celebratory dinners, or buffet events.
The Honzen banquet style was the highest form of cuisine from the Muromachi Period to the Edo Period.
The course dinners consist of Snow Country food culture and elements of Snow Country Gastronomy that are representative of the region.
For a more informal group looking for a buffet event small dishes such as seasonal vegetables and meats on skewers can be provided.

Honzen Cuisine

This is the traditional form of banquet cuisine that epitomizes the classic ryokan experience.

Honzen Cuisine

PriceMenus at 6,000, 8,000, or 10,000 yen per person (tax included)
*To add inclusive drinks there is an additional charge of 2,000 yen per person (tax included)
Banquets for 9 - 15 guests can be held in the Yucho no ma, and banquets for 16 - 45 guests can be held in Bettei Annontei

Standing Buffet Party

This is a great option for friends or parties looking for a more informal experience. Wine, beer, and soft drinks are included as part of the plan.

Standing Buffet Party

PriceUp to 12 guests 60,000 yen (tax included)
13 guests and over 5,000 yen per person (tax included)

Personal Chef Option

Price38,500 yen per person (tax included. 2 hours)
*Food costs seperate

Hors d'oeuvre

For large numbers of guests we can prepare hors do'oeuvre on surrounding tables so that you can enjoy an event with lots of friends.
Hors d'oeuvre set 30,000 yen (tax included) for up to 8 guests. For each additional guest it is 3,850 yen per person (tax included).

Hors d'oeuvre set

PriceUp to 8 guests 30,000 yen (tax included)
9th guest and over 3,850 yen per person (tax included)