Snow Country Gastronomy

The main dining room menu gets its inspiration from Snow Country Gastronomy which includes wild ingredients which have been eaten in the region from time immemorial as well as other dishes from the local folk culture that have been passed down through the ages and are still eaten today. Through this experience you can get a deeper understanding of the way of life in Snow Country and its food culture.

Specially selected ingredients

Snow Country Gastronomy centers around wild plants and mushrooms foraged from the mountains, fermented foods, and vegetables that have been stored and preserved in the snow, as well as other ingredients that are necessary for life in Snow Country.
Continuing the traditions from the orginal Ryugon including charcoal grilling and roasting on skewers, the center of the restaurant has a traditional open hearth known as an irori. Over dinner the staff will grill the seasonal ingredients, meats, and fish. A glass of locally made sake or wine is the perfect accompaniment to the meal.
Breakfast is freshly prepared and cooked Uonuma brand koshihikari rice served with a selection of seasonal, local dishes.

Chef Introduction

Noboaki Kuwana

From Shuzenji town in Shizuoka, his family ran a restaurant in front of the station and he wanted to be a chef since he was in his teens. After completing his culinary training in Tokyo he moved to Minami Uonuma and was Head Chef at Echigo Yuzawa HATAGO Isen since 2007 where he was producing an innovative menu. In 2019 he became Executive Chef at ryugon.

Course Menu and Price

Snow Country Gastronomy Course 8,250 yen

Snow Country Gastronomy represents the lifestyle and culture of the snow country region through courses. It is a new style of local cuisine that incorporates the uniqueness of ryugon into the dishes, while using the Japanese food technology as the basis. (9 courses)

Niigata Wagyu Beef and Seaperch Course 13,750 yen

The main dish of the snow country gastronomy course will be changed to Japanese beef steak and Niigata specialty doguroyaki. (9 courses)

Ala Carte

Salt-grilled Ayu880 yen  (July and August only)
Niigata Wagyu Beef Steak2,640 yen
Boiled crab(half)16,500 yen (market price)
Please make a reservation 3 days in advance