A stay in manor house suite room, where the everyday becomes like a dream.

This spacious luxury villa suite room offers a relaxation space in complete privacy without the need to worry about the eyes of others. The view over the peaceful scenery of the gardens and the smooth texture of the wooden interior combine to acheive the ambition of Japanese architecture, connecting with the scenery. The furniture with its rounded shapes is all original pieces that have been made by Youbi from Nishiawakura in Okayama Prefecture specially for ryugon and the inspiration for the range is "snow cover". The smooth finish on the wood has been hand-shaped by the craftsmen. To further the relaxation and enhance your time there is also a coffee mill and fair-trade coffee beans. Rest on the sofa and luxuriate for a moment in the the fragrance as you hand-grind the beans. Put on your favorite music and let yourself unwind.

[55 ㎡~92 ㎡]

Outdoor rotenburo bathEach room has a rotenburo on the terrace that faces the gardens. Lie back and relax in the soothing onsen waters as you enjoy the views: flowers in spring, the stars in summer, the moon in fall, and the winter snows.
FacilitiesOutdoor bath (filled with natural onsen water from Muikamachi Onsen), free drinks in the refrigerator, washer equipped toilet, flooring, Japanese style room, bed, futon, refrigerator, hairdryer, toothbrush, razor, brush, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, towel, bath towel, bath robe, yukata, loungewear, television, Bose bluetooth speaker, coffee mill, organic coffee beans, tea, herbal tea, milk servings, organic brown sugar, electric kettle
*Wi-Fi equipped. All rooms are non-smoking.

Villa Suite Terrace

Villa Suite Premium

Villa Suite Premium

The expansive gardens stretch out in front of you when you stay in the Villa Suite Premium. The large windows make you feel as if you are in the garden itself and you can fully appreciate the stunning scenery of Snow Country throughout the seasons. There is also a Japanese style room with a raised tatami floor conducive to rest and relaxation on a comfortable futon.

Villa Suite

Villa Suite Standard

The Villa Suite Standard is perfect for those that want to get away from it all and value their privacy. Retreat to your room and enjoy some quiet time on your own. This is style is highly recommended for those that want to lose themself in some reading or immerse themselves in concentration.
A special pace of life that adapts to to Snow Country living and culture.

These are Japanese style rooms that have been supporting life in Snow Country throughout the ages, with traditional building materials which are of cultural interest. Take a restorative lie down afer your bath, or lounge around and chat. The tatami space is ideally suited to this kind of relaxation. A simple room free of unneeded distractions, gently lit with soft lighting, allowing you to enjoy peace and quiet. For those looking for further introspection you can borrow a calligraphy set from the Front Desk and copy sutras. The rooms that are connected to the communal areas where you can take part in experiences and activities related to the culture of the Snow Country region both day and night, or spend some time in the bar or lounge are great options for those that are travelling alone.

31 ㎡~42 ㎡

ArchitectureDuring the Bunka Bunsei Period (1804 - 1829) grand residences of a local headman and wealthy farmers were relocated in their actual state. There are rooms with wooden mosaics that are beautiful examples of the skills of the craftsmen, as well as rooms where Prince Takamatsu stayed on occasions.
Facilities.Japanese style room, washer equipped toilet, futon, refrigerator, hair dryer, tooth brush, razor, brush, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, moisturiser, towel, bath towel, yukata, lounge wear, television, tea, water.
*Wi-Fi equipped. All rooms are non-smoking.

Classic Suites

Classic Suite Imperial

This room has a historical connection as it was the one favored for a long time by Prince Takamatsu who was a lover of skiing. It comprises of three Japanese style rooms which make it especially spacious so it is a great choice for a family or a group. It is the only room at ryugon on the second floor, and on the other side of the roof you can enjoy views of Mount Sakado.
It is planned to add an outdoor bath in June.

Classic Suite Premium

The Classic type are rooms that have been reconstructed from traditional folk houses with outdoor baths added. They face the central part of the Japanese style gardens, and as you gaze out at the beautiful greenery you can sense the Japanese aesthetic of "wabi-sabi". Relax in a space that manages to combine the best of Japanese design with soothing comfort.

Classic Suite

Using an old residence from Muikamachi town in Minami Uonuma City was the base for this guest room. It faces the east so conducts great views over the main gardens and up to Mount Sakado.


These rooms capture the unique sense of a traditional folk dwelling. The sturdy beams and pillars that are necessary to protect from the long years of heavy winter snow are much in evidence and an integral part of buildings in Snow Country. They offer a relaxing space where you can appreciate the strength and warmth of the wood.

Type A

Rebuilt from a headman's residence from the former Shiozawa town (now part of Minami Uonuma City) these are traditional Japanese style guest rooms. They offer plenty of space being over 50㎡, and have sunken kotatsu tables and chairs with views over the main gardens. For those that wish, it is possible to have dinner served in the room for a wonderfully relaxing experience.

Type B

These rooms have been reconstructed from a headman's residence from the end of the Edo Period from Takayanagi, now part of Kashiwazaki City. The beams in the room are of a special type coming from trees that have been naturally bent by the snow and then used to take advantage of that shape. From the window you can enjoy views of a registered cultural property building. There is very much the feeling of having stepped back in time to a Snow Country of a previous era.

Type C

This room type has been created from the mansion of a rice merchant from Nagaoka. The best parts of the Japanese style of the original Ryugon have been preserved, and for additional comfort for guests, Simmons beds have been added. Not only the room itself, but also the corridors are laid with tatami. It has the ambience of a traditional folk house but also the added conveniences of a hotel.
For those who would like to have an experience that is more like living than staying, there is a whole traditional building, complete with its own garden, for rent. It comes with a living room, dining/kitchen, and two bedrooms. It could serve many purposes from a party for a group, or an individual looking for a long stay, and lets you have your own space while also enjoying the benefits of hotel service.
*Opening planned for October 2020

The manor house

"The Manor House" features a living room, dining kitchen, two bedrooms, and an outdoor bath. It serves as an ideal long-term stay option for individual guests and offers a versatile space for gatherings with like-minded friends from workplaces or circles. Additionally, as it is adjacent to Ryugon, you can also enjoy hotel services such as using the onsen public bath and lounge.

Furthermore, we have introduced new amenities, including the "Kamakura Sauna" using firewood from the Sakado Mountains and a mini pool utilizing abundant groundwater. Why not rejuvenate your mind and body in this private space?

Please note:

Check-out time for "The Manor House" is 11:00 AM.
Cleaning services are not provided for consecutive nights. If desired, we offer cleaning for an additional fee of 6,600 yen (approximately 2.5 hours required for cleaning).
Room service and boxed meals are not available for "The Manor House." If you wish, we can provide these services in the lounge area within the facility.

The manor house

Room Layout