Facility & Service

The services and facilities at ryugon have been specially enhanced to enable the very best stay possible for our guests and create an unique experience.


ryugon is situated in Minami Uonuma city which is the area that produces a brand of Koshihikari rice that is famous all over Japan. Breakfast is freshly cooked white rice accompanied by a selection of side dishes that are unique to the Snow Country Region and the perfect accompaniment to rice. There are also freshly baked breads, pastries, cookies, and fresh juices. Once you have woken and depending on what you feel like for that day you can come along and enjoy a delicious breakfast.

Breakfast is served from 7:30-10:30


The Lounge at ryungon is ready throughout the day to serve guests with coffee, soft drinks, and snacks. There are a variety of seating options from open Japanese style to more private feeling sofas - feel free to spend all day reading in comfort, or as a space to sit and work remotely. Relax and contemplate the abundant rich nature at the foot of Mount Sakado

Information for Guests Not Staying Overnight - Day-Use Bathing:

At ryugon, we offer a service where guests who are not staying overnight can experience the lounge and hot spring bath from 12:00 to 15:00. You can enjoy a relaxing time during your journey.
Usage Time:12:00~15:00
Usage Fee:Adults (Junior high school students and above): ¥2,750
Elementary school students and preschoolers: ¥2,200
Service Content:Hot spring bath usage (includes towel)
Lounge service (beverages and snacks)
You can make reservations here

Room Service

For those that enjoy relaxing in their room ryugon offers room service. Light meals and drinks from the bar can be ordered for your room from the tablet provided. Room Service available 16:00-23:00

Main Food Menu

Smoked Miyuki Trout 800 yen
Saksuke Ricotta Caprese 800 yen
Tsunan Pork Terrine 1200 yen
Uonuma Vegetable Pickles 600 yen
Cured Ham & Cheese Selection 1500 yen
Bacon Salad 900 yen
Koshi-no-Tori Chicken Cacciatore 2200 yen
Niigata Wagyu Beef stewed in Red Wine 2800 yen
Soba with Tochio Fried Tofu 800 yen
ryugon Special Roast Beef Sandwich 1500 yen
Kenshin Kensan Chazuke 700 yen

Main Drink Menu

Draft Beer (Premium Malts Kaoru Ale) 600 yen
Hakkai-san Craft Beer (each type) 750 yen
Snow Country Uonuma Local Sake (each type) 500-1200 yen per glass
Original Gosetsu 700 yen per glass
Select Wines 3000-25000 yen per bottle
ryugon Original Fruit Spirits (each type) 500 yen
100% Orange 350 yen
Soft Drink (each type) 350-450 yen


At the entrance to ryugon is a earthern floored space where you can experience life in Snow Country Uonuma. At lunch time some local grandmothers hold cooking classes making traditional Snow Country dishes. There is also a cafe in the same place so you can drop in before check-in or after exploring some of the local attractions. Lunch boxes are available for guests or those who have just checked out.

Cooking Class 11:30〜13:00(Bookings required)

Price3,850 yen (Cooking experience, lunch)

ryugon cafe 11:00-16:30 (L.O.16:00)

PriceAfternoon Sweets set for 2 people with drink 2,310yen
Onsen Water Coffee 583yen
Cold Brew Onsen Water Coffee 638yen
There are also sweets and other drinks available.

Lunch boxes can be arranged

PriceOnigiri 880 yen
Bento Box 2,750 yen

Programs for Guests

There are a variety of programs held at ryugon for guests. Live performances of shamisen and folk songs, sake tastings and workshops, as well as other cultural experiences. There are also spaces for yoga or sitting zen meditation. ryugon has an activity centre where you can rent bicycles or hiking shoes, use traditional cooking pots in cooking classes, or reserve guided tours.


The main baths have been created in a single storey wooden storehouse. It was recontructed from a building that was used as a rice store in days gone by. The onsen water is supposed to be very effective at relieving fatigue as it is a sodium chloride hot spring (hypotonic, alkalescent, and high temperature water). In 1964 Muikamachi was designated as a Hot Spring Health Resort. It has colorless and odorless spring water that is kind to the skin. Take your time to soak in the natural hot spring water and let the stresses of the day melt away.

Private Onsen spa

The Private open-air bath newly established in March 2023. This bath utilizes the natural spring water from Muikamachi Onsen, flowing directly. Guests are free to use it at their convenience. For availability, please refer to the indicator light located in the bathhouse.
usage time15:00~23:00
usage feefree of charge

Body-Facial Treatment

We inherit the tradition of Japan, which has been healing people through hot spring baths since ancient times. We provide holistic care for both the mind and body using hot springs and aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy replenishes energy, discards excess, enhances the flow, and adjusts the overall balance of the body. We use an Ayurvedic blend to achieve this.

Operating Hours:
You can choose from the following time slots: 15:30- | 17:30- | 21:30- | 23:00-
(Last reservation of the day accepted until 21:30)

*Please note that this treatment is exclusively available to hotel guests.

Ayurvedic Body Treatment

Body (Back and Back of Legs)+ Décolleté + Head: 60 minutes, ¥19,800
Full Body + Décolleté + Head: 90 minutes, ¥29,700
Relax and rebalance your autonomic nervous system with gentle aromas tailored to your body's needs, guiding your brainwaves into a theta state. The oils used will swiftly circulate throughout your body, promoting circulation and supporting detoxification.

Sustainable Beauty Treatment

Body (Back and Back of Legs)+ Décolleté + Head: 60 minutes, ¥21,900
Full Body + Décolleté + Head: 90 minutes, ¥32,900
This treatment features the "PHYTOMER" brand from France, which utilizes 100% naturally sourced unique marine ingredients cultured through biotechnology. It aims to protect natural resources and ensure superior quality and purity while minimizing environmental impact.

Retreat x Beauty Facial Treatment x Ayurveda

Décolleté + Facial + Head: 60 minutes, ¥21,900
Back + Décolleté + Facial + Head: 90 minutes, ¥32,900
Infuse your skin with abundant moisture using seaweed extracts, addressing dryness and dullness. These components will enhance your skin's natural sebum production, moisture retention capabilities, and barrier function, ultimately leading to clear, radiant, and supple skin.

Local Food Delivery Service

ryugon have also started a service that provides catering services of special menus from local restaurants to be enjoyed in guest rooms or private dining rooms. Menus change monthly with offerings such as sushi or international cuisine.

Facility Information


Located at the heart of the inn, connecting the Irori Lounge and the Garden Lounge, our bar offers a variety of drinks and light snacks, focusing on homemade fruit liquors, craft beers, and wines. Experience the blend of nostalgia and novelty that defines the unique world of Ryugon.

Opening hours: 3:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Earthen Floor Space

This space recreates the earthen floor area that was central to life in the snowy regions. Here, you can observe local grandmothers preparing ingredients used at Ryugon. We also offer a reservation-based Earthen Floor Cooking Class every weekend.
(Time: 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM)

For details and reservations for the Earthen Floor Cooking Class:

Remortwork Booth

This is a private room for web meetings. It is equipped with wired LAN and displays for web conferencing, providing an environment where you can focus on your work without stress, even while traveling.

Outdoor Lounge

From this lounge, you can view the Sakado Castle Ruins, which change with the seasons. You can also enjoy a leisurely read while nestled in the sofa, designed to evoke the image of a snow country "kamakura" (snow hut).

Sakado Mountain Terrace

On the outdoor terrace, why not listen to the different sounds of birds and insects that come with the evening breeze from the mountains? Additionally, during the moments before dinner, you can enjoy the view of Sakado Mountain bathed in the setting sun right in front of you.

Activity Center

To enhance your enjoyment of the snowy region of Uonuma, we offer rentals such as E-BIKES. By combining the E-BIKE with the free automatic audio guide available at the reception, you can learn more deeply about the attractions of this area.

ryugon cafe

The cafe is adjacent to the earthen floor space immediately to the left after entering the gate at Ryugon. It is recommended for a tea time where you can enjoy coffee and Japanese sweets after strolling around the area.


The shop is located next to the entrance and offers locally produced food and drinks, as well as crafts and goods from artisans in Uonuma and Tsubame-Sanjo.


The library contains a selection of works on Snow Country culture, photo and art collections, as well as historical works, and magazine. Please feel free to enjoy the library and its contents.

Guide system

We were the first in Japan to introduce the self-guide system widely used in museums across various European countries. It provides explanations at 15 locations, covering our main building, designated as a cultural property, as well as the displayed art, literature, and the architecture of ryugon within the premises. Additionally, audio guides are available for the trekking course and cycling routes using E-BIKE, enabling visitors to gain a deeper understanding of the region. Please inquire at the reception for usage.


Exhibited works by local artists based on the theme of life and culture in snowy countries. The exhibits change depending on the season.

Coworking Space

The coworking space, situated in the corridor connecting to the VILLA building, is equipped with a conference system monitor. Visitors have the flexibility to utilize this space for activities like yoga, meditation, or as a workspace, allowing them to immerse themselves in the natural splendor of Sakado Mountain. Moreover, the second-floor loft boasts a meeting table for 10 individuals, providing an ideal setting for hosting meetings and discussions.

Bettei Annontei

This building was reconstructing from a main residence from 180 years ago. The whole facility is available for private rental, so if you are looking for a unique location for a party or a meeting ryugon is able to cater to various events.

Related Facilities

Echigo Yuzawa HATAGO Isen

This is the sister establishment to ryugon in front of Echigo-Yuzawa Station. In days past it was a travelers' inn but has undergone a renovation and is now an onsen ryokan. There is easy access to Yuzawa Onsen's main street and the facilities inside the station, and it is also the stop for the free shuttle bus to and from ryugon. It is a convenient starting point for your journey.Buses depart for ryugon at 15:15.

Uonuma Cuisine Murangozzo

This is the restaurant on the second floor of of HATAGO Isen, that is serving meals incorporating the unique food culture cuisines of Snow Country. Dinner is by reservation only, whereas as lunch can be enjoy without a booking and there is a delicious menu of dishes from which to choose.Lunch Service 11:30 - 14:30 Closed on WednesdaysDinner Service (1) From 17:50- , or (2) 19:30 - By reservation only.

Echigo Yuzawa Nmaya Main Branch

It started with the koshihikari rice that HATAGO Isen and ryugon use which is supplied directly from a local farmer, and then expanded to other products developed in cooperation with local makers such as miso and soy sauce. Now the range also includes original Japanese sakes and other select goods. The home-made roll cake and the onsen pudding are made daily by the in-house patissiere.Business hours: 9:00 - 18:00

Murangozzo Cafe

This is the Italian Restaurant inside Echigo-Yuzawa Station that is also part of the Isen Group. It serves Italian food made from Uonuma ingredients, and is a popular spot with locals.Business hours: 11:00 - 19:30 (Operating hours many vary depending on the season.)

Echigo Yuzawa Nmaya Station Branch

Using flour and rice bran oil from Uonuma Koshihikari rice the famous product of this shop is sweet snack made in the image of a snowball. It can also be enjoyed on the premises at the cafe. It is an original sweet that you can only enjoy in Snow Country.Business hours: 9:00 - 18:00 (Operating hours many vary depending on the season.)

Chawanmeshi Tappo-ya

This is a restaurant at Minami Uonuma Road Station. Being a restaurant in the home of the famous Koshihikari rice, the rice here is cooked everyday in the traditional rice kettle. The menu changes with the seasons and there are various ways to enjoy this famous rice.Business hours: 10:00 - 18:00 (17:00 in winter) Open daily.