Private Villa

For those who would like to have an experience that is more like living than staying, there is a whole traditional building, complete with its own garden, for rent. It comes with a living room, dining/kitchen, and two bedrooms. It could serve many purposes from a party for a group, or an individual looking for a long stay, and lets you have your own space while also enjoying the benefits of hotel service.
*Opening planned for October 2020

The manor house

"The Manor House" features a living room, dining kitchen, two bedrooms, and an outdoor bath. It serves as an ideal long-term stay option for individual guests and offers a versatile space for gatherings with like-minded friends from workplaces or circles. Additionally, as it is adjacent to Ryugon, you can also enjoy hotel services such as using the onsen public bath and lounge.

Furthermore, we have introduced new amenities, including the "Kamakura Sauna" using firewood from the Sakado Mountains and a mini pool utilizing abundant groundwater. Why not rejuvenate your mind and body in this private space?

Please note:

Check-out time for "The Manor House" is 11:00 AM.
Cleaning services are not provided for consecutive nights. If desired, we offer cleaning for an additional fee of 6,600 yen (approximately 2.5 hours required for cleaning).
Room service and boxed meals are not available for "The Manor House." If you wish, we can provide these services in the lounge area within the facility.

The manor house

Room Layout