A special pace of life that adapts to to Snow Country living and culture.

These are Japanese style rooms that have been supporting life in Snow Country throughout the ages, with traditional building materials which are of cultural interest. Take a restorative lie down afer your bath, or lounge around and chat. The tatami space is ideally suited to this kind of relaxation. A simple room free of unneeded distractions, gently lit with soft lighting, allowing you to enjoy peace and quiet. For those looking for further introspection you can borrow a calligraphy set from the Front Desk and copy sutras. The rooms that are connected to the communal areas where you can take part in experiences and activities related to the culture of the Snow Country region both day and night, or spend some time in the bar or lounge are great options for those that are travelling alone.

31 ㎡~42 ㎡

ArchitectureDuring the Bunka Bunsei Period (1804 - 1829) grand residences of a local headman and wealthy farmers were relocated in their actual state. There are rooms with wooden mosaics that are beautiful examples of the skills of the craftsmen, as well as rooms where Prince Takamatsu stayed on occasions.
Facilities.Japanese style room, washer equipped toilet, futon, refrigerator, hair dryer, tooth brush, razor, brush, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, moisturiser, towel, bath towel, yukata, lounge wear, television, tea, water.
*Wi-Fi equipped. All rooms are non-smoking.


These rooms capture the unique sense of a traditional folk dwelling. The sturdy beams and pillars that are necessary to protect from the long years of heavy winter snow are much in evidence and an integral part of buildings in Snow Country. They offer a relaxing space where you can appreciate the strength and warmth of the wood.

Type A

Rebuilt from a headman's residence from the former Shiozawa town (now part of Minami Uonuma City) these are traditional Japanese style guest rooms. They offer plenty of space being over 50㎡, and have sunken kotatsu tables and chairs with views over the main gardens. For those that wish, it is possible to have dinner served in the room for a wonderfully relaxing experience.

Room Layout