Room Facilities

Villa Suite

Outdoor rotenburo bath

Each room has a rotenburo on the terrace that faces the gardens. Lie back and relax in the soothing onsen waters as you enjoy the views: flowers in spring, the stars in summer, the moon in fall, and the winter snows.


Outdoor bath (filled with natural onsen water from Muikamachi Onsen), free drinks in the refrigerator, washer equipped toilet, flooring, Japanese style room, bed, futon, refrigerator, hairdryer, toothbrush, razor, brush, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, moisturizer, towel, bath towel, bath robe, yukata, loungewear, television, Bose bluetooth speaker, coffee mill, organic coffee beans, tea, herbal tea, milk servings, organic brown sugar, electric kettle
*Wi-Fi equipped. All rooms are non-smoking.



During the Bunka Bunsei Period (1804 - 1829) grand residences of a local headman and wealthy farmers were relocated in their actual state. There are rooms with wooden mosaics that are beautiful examples of the skills of the craftsmen, as well as rooms where Prince Takamatsu stayed on occasions.


Japanese style room, washer equipped toilet, futon, refrigerator, hair dryer, tooth brush, razor, brush, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, moisturizer, towel, bath towel, yukata, lounge wear, television, tea, water.
*Wi-Fi equipped. All rooms are non-smoking.

Private Villa

"The Manor House" features a living room, dining kitchen, two bedrooms, and an outdoor bath. It serves as an ideal long-term stay option for individual guests and offers a versatile space for gatherings with like-minded friends from workplaces or circles. Additionally, as it is adjacent to Ryugon, you can also enjoy hotel services such as using the onsen public bath and lounge.
Furthermore, we have introduced new amenities, including the "Kamakura Sauna" using firewood from the Sakado Mountains and a mini pool utilizing abundant groundwater. Why not rejuvenate your mind and body in this private space?