Guests are invited to learn about the ryugon forest project. While seated on the garden terraces enjoying the beautiful natural view of the grounds and sipping on an aperitif they can enjoy a short talk about the aims of the project and the various species of plants involved.

Essential Oil

Part of the ryugon forest project is to distill and sell wonderfully fragrant essential oil made from the thinned cedars that are making way for the native trees. As well as ensuring the health of the forest, and making good use of the cedars, it also helps create a sustainable forestry program.

Guide Tour

A stroll in the forest is always a pleasure and you enhance the experience by going along with the warden of the ryugon forest as he explains the area under his care. He will open your eyes to the plants and wildlife all around you and how they interact. Depending on the season it may also be possible to help plant the next additions of native trees.